On the other side of the bridge

#agileux tip of the day

For gaining useful insights, temporarily distance yourself from your own subjective views and understand the other sides.

Fraunhofer FIT, Schloss Birlinghoven CC BY-SA 4.0 Hinweise zur

Academia and Start-Ups

Market Research conducted by UX Indonesia of Indonesia and CX Insight of Australia.

#agileux tip of the day

Focus on observation details relevant to your research questions.

The Cactus in Perth, Western Australia

UX Indonesia Agile Usability Testing Training at Bali Room Millenium Sirih Jakarta.

#agileux tip of the day

Get developers to build empathy with and for users as early as possible.

Service Design di Industri Food and Beverages (F&B) di Australia

Berapa jumlah sampel penelitian kualitatif dan kuantitatif?

Josh (Adi Tedjasaputra)

As a Google Mentor and Certified Design Sprint Master, Josh has a passion for the design, development, and use of ICT in solving business and humanity problems

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