Summary: As we transition from the COVID-19 pandemic to the endemic, we need to reset our work culture. The traditional Monday to Friday workdays may no longer be relevant as more of us work remotely. We often feel the need to reset our work culture. The question is: “How might we reset our work culture efficiently and effectively?”

Traffic Jam in Jakarta

One day in Jakarta, on the 29th of Sep 2019, was one of those horrible days. …

Summary: While the term Asia or Asian is complex, we started with a focused definition of Asia to build the Asian CHI Community. This focus has given a community a chance to grow. However, as diversity, inclusion, and equity have started to come into the picture, we need to grow with a more varied and inclusive strategy that aligns with ACM SIGCHI’s strategy.

The author in front of the sentence — written on a wall — “Because… Size Does Matter!”
Size does matter.

Quo Vadis is a questioning phrase meaning roughly “Where are you going?”. The origin of the words was traced back to the Latin Vulgate and the story of Peter meeting Jesus while fleeing Rome. …

Ringkasan: Banyak sekali tulisan dan talkshow tidak bermutu di dunia maya mengenai UX. Apakah mungkin hal ini disebabkan oleh banyaknya UX wannabes yang mempunyai Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NSP)?

The Evil Queen

Saya membaca sebuah postingan Facebook di komunitas dan sebuah weblog mengenai UX beberapa tahun yang lalu. Pada intinya, tulisannya merefleksikan fenomena psikologi “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” oleh yang posting dengan gejala-gejala sebagai berikut:

  1. Kemarahan (Rage): Seorang Narsis tidak bisa mentoleransi perubahan di lingkungan (Indonesia) yang dapat membuat harga dirinya tidak stabil.
  2. Rendah Diri (Weak Sense of Self): Seperti Sang Ratu di cerita Snow White, seorang Narsis selalu melihat kaca dan bertanya-tanya untuk mendapatkan…

Data Analytics help drive or inform Experience Design?

Mungkin sudah banyak yang baca tulisan mengenai perbedaan antara Data-Driven Experience Design dan Data-Informed Experience Design. Kalau belum silahkan baca beberapa artikel-artikel di bagian akhir dari tulisan ini.

Bagi yang belum sempat baca, akan saya ringkaskan pokok-pokok pikiran dari berbagai tulisan yang ada sebagai berikut:
• “Data-driven” pada umumnya diasosiasikan dengan proses menggunakan data berjenis kuantitatif
• “Data-informed” pada umumnya diasosiasikan dengan proses menggunakan data berjenis kuantitatif yang dilengkapi dengan data kualitatif untuk memberikan konteks
• Istilah “Data-driven” dan “Data-informed” seringkali digunakan sebagai istilah yang sama
• “Data-driven” dan “Data-informed” seringkali dikaitkan dengan “Keputusan Desain (Design decision)” dan “Keputusan Bisnis…

On the other side of the bridge

#agileux tip of the day

For gaining useful insights, temporarily distance yourself from your own subjective views and understand the other sides.

I often find myself observing two or more polarising views and sides already existing. Unconsciously, I am already on one side. For gaining valuable insights, I need to temporarily distance myself from my subjective opinions and understand the other sides. I need to put myself in the place of others.

This is what I usually do to put myself in the place of others:
1. I learn what I need to put myself in the place of others.
2. I take my sandals off.
3. I…

Summary: Academia and startups are two different worlds. Nonetheless, academia and startups’ common on-going goal to raise funds may provide the key to a synergy between the two worlds. In this writing, I propose a framework that ACM SIGCHI may use as a catalyst for better collaboration between academia and startups, thus benefiting the HCI and UX community in Asia.

Fraunhofer FIT, Schloss Birlinghoven CC BY-SA 4.0 Hinweise zur

Academia and Start-Ups

A way back at the beginning of the millennium, I still vividly remember celebrating a new year’s eve at Copenhagen’s Town Hall Square, Rådhuspladsen. …

Market Research conducted by UX Indonesia of Indonesia and CX Insight of Australia.

#agileux tip of the day

Focus on observation details relevant to your research questions.

During an Agile UX Research, one may find the abundance of details is overwhelmingly tempting to analyze. Stay true to your research questions and focus on answering them one moment at a time. Other details may well be recorded in your #researchsystem.

In this depicted picture at a “traditional” market, we focused on how a market worker arranges the market’s fruits and vegetables. Even though we were tempted to dig deeper on what was happening behind him, i.e. …

Summary: Plucking Business Design out of Design Thinking framework is misleading and creates several false expectations related to its role in Human-centered Design.

The Cactus in Perth, Western Australia

In her master thesis of 2004 titled Repositioning User Experience (UX) in the Danish Retail Industry, Dr Eunice Sari reported her 2-year research in the Danish Retail Industry. In her thesis, she outlined how UX that solely focuses on users’ needs is no longer sufficient to support the real business needs in the Danish Retail Industry. …

UX Indonesia Agile Usability Testing Training at Bali Room Millenium Sirih Jakarta.

#agileux tip of the day

Get developers to build empathy with and for users as early as possible.

The ideal time to start engaging developer in an Agile UX process is as early as the discovery or exploratory stage. I found out that the later the developers engage in the process, the less ownership and more miscommunication happen later.

What you can do are as follows:
1. Arrange a user research immersion activities for developers.
2. Invite developers to attend all usability testing sessions.
3. Engage developers in #participatorydesign or #codesign activities.
4. Ask developers to participate in the development of low to high-fidelity prototypes.
5. Invite developers to attend all research and design presentations.

How might we get developers to build empathy with and for users as early as possible? Do you have your own tips?

Service Design di Industri Food and Beverages (F&B) di Australia

Ringkasan: Kebutuhan Service Design dari sebuah organisasi ditentukan oleh kematangan UX yang bisa diindikasikan oleh banyak faktor. Ketiga faktor yang relevan dengan Service Design adalah: kemulusan perjalanan pengguna, kualitas interaksi pengguna, dan persepsi positif pengguna yang kohesif.

Setelah kita membahas apakah Service Design itu di bagian pertama dari Seri Perkenalan Service Design, tulisan ini merupakan bagian keduanya.

Di customer-centric organization seperti Amazon yang mempunyai misi menjadi perusahaan yang paling berfokus pada pelanggan di dunia (Earth’s most customer-centric company), User Experience (UX) atau Pengalaman Pengguna mempunyai peranan yang sangat penting.

Salah satu pendekatan untuk menciptakan Pengalaman Pengguna adalah dengan melakukan Perancangan…

Josh (Adi Tedjasaputra)

As a Google Mentor and Certified Design Sprint Master, Josh has a passion for the design, development, and use of ICT in solving business and humanity problems

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